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Test category 1
Introduction/Tutorial Forum
Introduction and video tutorials
Mass Effect Headquarters
Information pertaining to a site-wide arc/plot can be found here.
Site Information
Information related to any part of the site can be found here. If you find that a piece of information is not present, don't hesitate to point it out.
Basic rules to help keep your Rp'ing fair and on point.
Help Desk
Have a question? Need a hand with something? Confused? Here's your place to get assistance or ask a question about Mass Effect RP!
Story Planning
Need a few more hands on deck to execute that perfect plot idea? Stop in here to find extra folks to fill your ranks.
Character Request
Have no-one to RP with? Then request some characters to RP with!
Have an idea? Require people to Join? Post here if you have a arc which will span more than one thread.
Rescue My Thread
Whether you're not sure what to post next, how to word an action, or how to keep a thread from dying - we're here to help.
Networking - New Characters
Characters created in the past two weeks can post here to establish connections with other characters.
Networking - Existing Characters
Characters that have not posted a connection request in three months or more can post one here.
A computer database about anything you wish to know about the Mass Effect Universe. Just Log IN!
Information related to star systems, Nebulas, planets and home world can be found in this section.
Information pertaining to space-capable vessels can be found here.
Space Stations
Information pertaining to space structures can be found here.
Information on the various races of Mass Effect can be found here.
Information relating to the various technological advances found in Mass Effect can be visited here.
Information Bank
The many useful collections of items such as lab tech, ships and many more.
Site Management
Get help from the Staff here! Ask for assistance with plot matters, character alterations and the moving of threads.
Question Box
Post here if you need assistance from the Staff whether it be moving threads, character alterations or resolving plot issues.
Staff Room
Place for staff matters to be discussed in private. Access only granted to staff or those with level 5 clearance.
Galactic Database
Character Workshop
Test and plan your work-in-progress applications here before you post, find character creation resources, and more.
Make an addition to Mass Effect whether it be a battle hardened special forces commando, or a business person making ends meet in the galaxy.
Approved Characters
The approved characters of MERP reside here.
Deceased Characters
All deceased characters are located here. This is their final resting place.
Special Characters
Special NPC characters created by management to run the various business and organisations until such a time that a suitable individual is found.
Character Profile Directory

A - B - C - D - E
Profiles of accepted characters with last names that start with A - E.
F - G - H - I - J - K
Profiles of accepted characters with last names that start with F - K.
L - M - N - O - P - Q
Profiles of accepted characters with last names that start with L - Q.
R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
Profiles of accepted characters with last names that start with R - Z.
Businesses and Organizations
Create anything from a private military to a new nightclub on the Citadel.
Shipyard and Laboratory
Need a ride? Your ticket to the stars is waiting to be crafted in the MEU shipyard. Also any different kinds of technological marvels can be found here.


Military Vessels
All vessels in this category must belong to an official military and have a designation reflecting such. These ships are officially authorized to carry sophisticated armaments.
All technological creations can be found here.
Private Vessels
All vessels registered with non-military organizations or individuals may be created here. All ships in this forum should have the MV or no designation.
Milky Way Galaxy
The nexus of the galactic community, it acts as its political, cultural, and financial capital, housing the Citadel Council, a powerful, multi-species governing body.
The Presidium contains the offices of the various branches of the galactic government, as well as the embassies of all the races represented in the Citadel and as such receives the most attention from C-Sec.
The 'arms' of the Citadel, known as the Wards, constitute the residential and commercial sectors of the station. Densely populated, housing millions of residents from many galactic species, the Wards are akin to Earth cities such as Hong Kong and Singapore.
Citadel Space
Citadel space is an unofficial term referring to any region of space controlled by a species that acknowledge the authority of the Citadel Council.
Attican Traverse
Under the control of the Systems Alliance, this area is one of the main focuses of Human colonization; However, despite the substantial efforts made by the Alliance over the years to stabilize the Traverse, it's proximity to the Terminus Systems has prevented the complete erradication of crime and piracy in the region.
Terminus Systems
The Terminus Systems are located on the far side of the Attican Traverse, beyond the space administered by the Citadel Council or claimed by the human Systems Alliance. These systems are populated by a loose affiliation of minor species, united only in their refusal to acknowledge the political authority of the Council or adhere to the Citadel Conventions.
A regional hub of asari commerce awash in riches, Illium is infamous for its abusive labor practices and legalization of nearly everything except murder. As such, Illium is the preferred production site for weapons and pharmaceuticals that would be illegal nearly everywhere else, made even more lucrative by legal indentured servitude.
Omega is described as "the Terminus Systems' dark, twisted counterpart to the Citadel." Omega has been a haven for criminals, terrorists, and malcontents for thousands of years.
Other Systems
Uncontrolled regions of space exist across the galaxy, but star systems that lie outside the boundaries of known space often require mass relays to be activated first in order to reach them. This section will be used for forum wide arcs of new relays.
The Past
This is where roleplays in the past takes place! Here you may develop your characters' backstory without being restricted by the normal rule restrictions.
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